When you are considering joining a program or membership, there are a few basic things you need to look for:

Who is running the program – who are the people behind the program, what is their track record and how trustworthy they are.

What will you be getting when you join – for a program to be legit, it needs to provide you with real value. This could be in the form of products you can benefit from using or selling, training to help you succeed, tools to help you build your business, etc.

How much will it cost – what is the initial investment needed, what is the on going cost to operate the program, are there any hidden or additional costs you need to take into account.

How can you earn money with it and is the compensation plan viable –  that is, will it pay out as promised over time, can the company running the program afford to pay as promised and keep the program running, is it easy and fast to earn, is there a big earning potential, and so on.

I would like to introduce you to a new program for 2013
which I believe answers any and all of the above.
It’s called: Network marketing Training
and it is operated by JPB Publications.

Who is the person behind JPB Publications? His name is Brian Barnhouse. I have known Brian for several years and he was always true to his word, supportive and helpful. Watch the video below to learn a little bit about Brian Barnhouse:

It is NO SECRET…People are BROKE for two reasons:
1) Not enough income.
2) No control over their money.

Either one of those reasons can leave you flat broke…BUT, MOST people are broke for BOTH reasons: They’re NOT earning enough income, and they have NO CONTROL over their money…

Here is what you’ll be getting when you join Network Marketing Training:

  1. A library of 50 eBooks for you to learn from.
  2. A library of 50 eCourses – an excellent source of education.
  3. The 30 days $$$ tune-up training program, designed for ANYONE to get control over their money. With the 30 Day $$$ Tune Up Challenge comes a complete financial education, that should be taught in high school, but isn’t.
  4. 1 new eBook and 1 new eCourse emailed to you every month you remain a member. This insures you will receive a lifetime of education.
  5. The Network marketing Training is a series of lessons in Online Network Marketing where Brian teaches his unique approach to making money online. The training will also include expert interviews and other “goodies” to be added over time.
  6. A ready to use, fully stocked online store where you can earn by selling the eBooks and eCourses already loaded there.

Now you must be wondering – “How much is all this going to cost me?” The answer to this question may amaze you… It’s only $49.950 a year (!) Yes, that’s right – no monthly fees and no other hidden costs. You get all this for less than 14 cents a day. Crazy, I know! But it doesn’t stop there – read on to learn how you can earn with the Network Marketing Training program.

The compensation plan

There are 4 ways you can earn with the Network Marketing training program:

  1. Earn 50% commissions on sales of eBooks and eCourses you generate from your online store replicated website.
  2. 5×6 organization matrix where you earn from each member placed under you, whether you personally sponsored them or not (also known as team volume).
  3. Personal referral bonus (aka fast start bonus).
  4. Monthly leadership bonus pool.

(full details are available on the program’s website)

A program with heart

Like many of the leading programs these days, the Network Marketing Training program also has a favorite charity they support: For every new member, they donate $1 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In conclusion – I’m sure you can see how the Network marketing training program excels in any of the categories we examine when we check new programs.

Click the image below to learn more of this new program (opened April 1st, 2013) and join the family

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